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Brighten up your Porsche on a budget (Pt3)

This article applies to Porsches 911, 912 or 930 built between 1965 to 1989

If your Porsche is looking a bit old and tired, there's a few relatively inexpensive things you can do to bring your Porsche back to life and add back some of the original sparkle. In part three of the series we take a look at the rear of your Porsche

Rear lights and lenses.
Porsche 911 classic

This is a simple job but really can brighten up the rear view. Just loosen two screws and your ready to remove the lense. When replacing the ,ense be careful not to ivertighten. Theis can crack the lense!. Tighten just enough to make the lens touch the rubber seal on the housing. We always recommend OEM equipment and for this use the Bosch lenses as they came as standard with these Porsches.

Exhaust tips.
Porsche exhaust tips

These are often neglected and over the years these become rusted and look terrible. If you have a stock exhaust system you can easily replace the tips. There are chrome or black options available. Chrome tips were the norm for the early 911's and for the 1974 to 1989 cars black was the colour of the day. Both colours are interchangeable so you could even change them as the mood takes you. If you or a previous owner have changed the exhaust system for an aftermarket one that's made from stainless steel, then you can easily buff them up to an as new shine.

Number Plate

The number plate at the rear takes up a lot of space. They become faded, glazed or cracked. They are inexpensive so it's a simple and cost effective job to replace them. Depending on the laws in your country, you could consider replacing them with a set of aluminium plates with pressed lettering. The lettering looks really good in silver with the background in black sets them off perfectly.

Rear Glass

Glass on any Porsche takes a battering and overtime can become scratched and dull. Glass for Porsches, especially the older ones is getting more expensive with each passing year. Rather than replace the glass, you can simply polish out any imperfections. A glass polishing compound and an electric mop are the best combination for this job. If you haven't used a mop before, then get someone to do it who has. Crystal clear glass really will brighten up the look of your Porsche.

Rear Wiper

It goes without saying that a worn, bent or otherwise damaged rear wiper should be replaced. Especially if you want to keep your newly polished rear glass in tip top condition.

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The glass makes a huge difference. Did it myself and came out a treat.

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Great idea Pete.  I used your tip of polishing the Porsche glass.  Bought some glass polishing compund and spent a couple of hours and some elbow grease.  Looks a million bucks now!

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