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Porsche Channel P101tv Window Sticker

Channel P101tv now has club a sticker. What better way to show your support for your community by adorning your Porsche with a specially designed custom window sticker.

The sticker design incorporates smooth flowing colour gradients in shades of black and grey and printed in high resolutiuon for perfect definition. The sticker is circular in design and 95mm in diameter and made from a high quality soft and pliable plastic material which will self cling to your Porsche's glass without the need for any adhesive.

How do I Fit My P101tv Car Sticker

The Channel P101tv window sticker is easy to install. The sticker is made from a self cling plastic and designed spefically for sticking to glass surfaces. Simply peel the sticker away from its backing sheet and then place it carefully on to your Porsche's window. The sticker should be applied from inside the car and printed side of the sticker against the glass.

Porsche Channel P101tv Window Sticker

The sticker can also be applied using water as a lubricant, allowing the sticker to be positioned precisely as well as providing a better overall look. Simple spray the glass with clean tap water, then apply the sticker. Then squeeze the water out by gently stroking the back sticker with a credit car.

You do not need to apply any adhesive. The sticker will self stick. It can be removed simply by lifting one edge and gently peeling away. It can then be re-applied in another location. Because there is no adhesive, the sticker will leave no residue or marks on your glass!

Ordering your Sticker

You can order your P101tv Window Sticker online using PayPal. The price of the stickers are £2.99 each plus £0.99p postage and packaging. Stickers will be sent by first class post and should arrive within a few days of ordering. Just click on the "Buy Now" to place your order.

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