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Everything you need to know about wheels and tyres for your Porsche, including the famous Fuchs
  • Porsche Fuchs Alloy Wheels

    The Fuchs alloy has been synonymous with Porsche since time immoral. The most famous design is the windmill design seen on 911s from 1962 and which came to an end in 1989. They look fabulous and still cost a small fortune to buy today, but why all the fuss. Whats so special about the Fuchs wheels.

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  • Porsche Tyre Pressures

    What about Porsche Tyre Pressures? They can have a huge effect on your cars handling and drive performance, not least on their wear rate.

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  • Porsche Tyre "N" Rating

    If a Tyre meets the Porsche standard it will be marked with the N rating. Tyres developed by manufacturers, in cooperation with Porsche, offer a specific set of wet grip properties which few, if any, of the other automobile manufacturers demand in equal measure from the tyres they use on their vehicles.

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  • Tire Speed Ratings

    The subject if tire speed ratings can be a bit of mystery. Not many of us pay much attention to all the markings on the side wall of our tires. This Channel P101tv article is about tire speed ratings and how to interpret them.

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  • Winter Tyres for your Porsche

    A guide to choosing winter Tyres for your Porsche. Now with Porsche winter tyres designed for increased cold weather performance, included better safety in bad conditions, you can now enjoy your Porsche all year round.

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