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Advertising Opportunities for Channel P101tv

We are always looking for partnership opportunities with quality companies around the world. We are able to put together a package which will meet all your goals and give you significant brand exposure to our viewers and members.

About Channel P101tv
Channel P101tv is a site dedicated to all things Porsche. It's a community for sharing enthusiasm in Porsche by video, pictures, blogs and community chat. Additionally, Channel P101tv has comprehensive resources to support the needs of enthusiasts.

The 'Folio' is a dedicated set of resources of all things Porsche. The Folio provides users access to a comprehensive directory of companies and enthusiasts offering a range of Porsche related products and services. Importantly companies in these listings come from referrals from fellow enthusiasts who have had a positive experience of using their services.

The Folio also has at its core a database listing road going models of Porsche. These listings provide information such as performance figures, production data and useful related resources. This section of the Folio has also been updated to incorporate the cars produced by Alois Ruf, because of their close affiliation with Porsche. This section of the Folio is reserved for members of Channel P101tv. Membership is completely free and is one of the many reasons why Porsche enthusiasts decide to join the Channel P101tv community.

Our goal is simple: "to increase access to the world of Porsche and a sense of community for all fellow enthusiasts across the world."

Why Advertise on Channel P101tv
The internet has become the essential component of any advertising campaign. Consumers are going online to research and purchase products and services, so advertisers must go where consumers are in order to reach them. Channel P101tv attracts viewers and members who are genuine Porsche enthusiasts. Whether you are reinforcing your existing advertising or finding new customers, Channel P101tv provides opportunities to reach a wider audience.

Channel P101tv experiences very high demand for its content and services from avid Porsche enthusiasts from around the world. Because of the nature of the content on our website, users stay on the site for longer periods of time watching videos, viewing pictures, chatting with other members or browsing our directories looking for suppliers of products and services.

Advertising Opportunities
Channel P101tv provides a range of advertising opportunities to best suit your particular needs. We would be pleased to discuss the range of options available. Here are the main advertising opportunities:

  • Site Wide Advertising
    You can achieve maximum exposure by placing your advertisement on all pages of Channel P101tv. Adverts can be horizontal banner format and placed at the top or bottom of each page of the site.

    Home Page Advertising
    You may place adverts on the Channel P101tv homepage between the 'Browse Video' and 'Browse Images' sections. Advertisements are in horizontal banner format.

    Category Advertising
    You are able to target your campaign by placing adverts on specific video category pages. Channel p101tv videos are displayed on the basis of their category, such as Porsche 997, Porsche Panamera, Porsche Trackdays etc.

    Column Advertising
    There are both left and right column placement opportunities for a range of banner sizes. Column advertisements appear on the home page, video category pages, picture pages, video pages and on blogs.

    Folio Resource Directory
    Channel P101tv has a comprehensive directory of Porsches related products and services. You can appear in the directory free. You can enhance your listing with the inclusion of a company logo, or a banner advert at the top of the relevant directory page.

    Folio Car Directory
    If your products or services are targeted at specific Porsche models, then your adverts can be placed within the Porsche model directory. Banners can be placed at the head of any section of the car directory, from the Porsche 356 to the Porsche 991.

    Video Advertising
    For a high level of exposure as well as increased message time, you are able to place a video advertisement. The video will be placed within the 'Promoted Videos' box immediately beneath the main video player on the Channel P101tv home page. Videos within the Promoted Video's section typically receive higher viewing rates than other videos.

    Article Advertising
    Article advertising consists of writing and submitting articles about issues which might be strongly related to your niche market.

    Newsletter Advertising
    Channel P101tv publishes it's newsletter each month and can include banner advertising. Members are notified by email owhen a newsletter is published. All newsletters are archived on the website.

    Weekly Digest Advertising
    All Channel P101tv members receive a weekly digest email of the most popular videos, pictures and articles from the preceeding week. Adverts can be included within the digest email.

    Contact us for More Information
    If you would like to explore the possibility of advertising on Channel P101tv please feel free to email us. We look forward to hearing from you.

    These Porsches are a selection of just some of the pictures that Channel P101tv members have uploaded. All of them are fantastic and great to see.

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