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Porsche Breakdown Cover Money Saving Tips

Porsche Breakdown Covr Tips

With Porsches becoming increasing difficult to work on in this technological advanced age and the dangers involved in trying to fix your Porsche at the road side, it's becoming more important than ever that Porsche owners consider a roadside breakdown and recovery service an important part of Porsche ownership.

With this in mind, we haven taken a look at five key things that you can do to obtain a cheaper breakdown cover for your Porsche. Hopefully these tips will help you get the best value for money.

Vehicle or personal breakdown cover?

When you are on the look out for a breakdown cover deal you will be asked whether you would like your Porsche covered or s personal breakdown cover.

General vehicle breakdown cover is a package where the provider is agreeing to recover or repair your Porsche regardless of who is driving it. Meanwhile, personal packages are where the breakdown cover provider is guaranteeing that they will come and recover any vehicle containing a particular person. It doesn't matter if they are the one driving, or if they are a passenger. It is also now possible to purchase personal breakdown cover policies which feature more than one individual through certain providers.

As you might imagine breakdown cover for just your Porsche is the cheaper option as less protection is afforded to the policy holder. However, it is entirely up to you whether or not you think it is worth paying a little bit extra for the additional protection. However, given many Porsche owners have more than one car at the disposal, especially the classic drivers, so a Personal policy offers much more flexibility, and in our opinion much better value for money.

What level of cover do you need?

There are generally four levels of policy on offer, with Roadside being the cheapest breakdown cover option available. This is because the level of protection afforded on this level is obviously much reduced in comparison to the Onward Travel option, which is the most complete package on offer.

The difference between these is that policy holders with a roadside level of cover will only be entitled to repairs on your Porsche at the side of the road and recovery to the nearest garage when they are a certain distance away from their home.

In comparison, Onward Travel level customers will be entitled to the recovery of their Porsche to a garage or destination of their choice, the recovery of the policy holder and the other inhabitants of the Porsche and will also be eligible to have repairmen sent to their home. Additionally, Onward Travel members will also be able to claim for the cost of any hire cars and accommodation which is the result of their vehicle failure.

You obviously get far more with an Onward Travel package, but the pricing will reflect this. Those looking for the bare minimum level of cover provided in order to spend as little as possible may therefore feel it is best to opt for the Roadside level of cover.

For many Porsche owners, there are additional considerations. Their Porsche is often their pride and joy and they may want to control who works on their to carry out the repairs. You may therefore want to get cover that tows the vehicle home or to a garage of your choice.

No claims discount

Some insurance providers will offer cheaper renewal deals to existing customers who have not made a call out during the previous 12 months that they purchased breakdown cover from the provider.

This is not true of all breakdown cover companies, but it is something which is worth investigating with your existing provider, or with a provider you are considering going with. If they don't provide it, it is also a weapon in your arsenal to use to lower the price.

Always Haggle

Never believe that the list price or quoted price is the best price available. Always tell the provider you think it's expensive and that you'd like a discount. This is an incredibly competitive industry and if you haggle on price you are very likely to get a reduction. However, if you don't ask you won't get a discount.

Compare deals online

Make sure you get a few quotes and then start asking for better deals from the providers you like best. Don't go for the cheapest quote, but certainly ask for discounts on the cover that provides your and your Porsche the best overall value for money. Ring around for multiple quotes or use an online comparison service for convenience.

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