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Uploading Avatars

What is an Avatar
You may upload a picture to your personal profile which other members or users will see. This can be anything that you'd like to be associated with your name and account. It might be a picture of your Porsche for example, but can be anything you'd like to represent or identify you on P101tv.

Avatar Picture Upload File Formats
P101tv accepts a range of picture formats. The most common being .jpg and .gif. In order to get the best image quality for your P101tv Avatar you should ensure you picture is between the following maximum and minimum sizes:
- maximum picture dimension should be no more than 600 x 600 pixels and a maximum file size of 600kb's;
- minimum picture dimension should be no less than 100 x 100 pixels and a no smaller than 10kb's;

How to Change the Size of My Avatar
If the picture you would like to use as your Avatar is outside of the accepted size as described above you need to resize them. There are many simple software programs available to resize your pictures. For example "Image Resizer PowerToy for windows" is available for free at 'Sourceforge'.  It runs on both XP and Vista.  

You can download it here: Image Resizer Powertoy

Once you have downloaded the file just double click to install.  That's it!

Now browse to your picture.  Right click on the image you want to resize and you'll see a new option added to your normal right click list called "Resize Image".  Select this and it will present you with a range of size options.  Select the one you want and it will create a copy of your original image but magically resized.  Your original image is unharmed.

Uploading you Avatar
The upload Avatar option is found under 'Edit Profile' on the main 'My Profile Page. If you have ensured that your Avatar picture is in the accepted format and file size, select 'Upload New Avatar' and then browse to the file on your computer and click submit.

If you Avatar is not in the accepted file format or within the accepted size limits you will receive an error message and your Avatar will fail to upload. Re-check your picture for compliance with the accepted parameters and try again.

If you can't find what your looking for then, please contact us.

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