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Winter Tyres for your Porsche

Porsche has always designed their cars with an expectation of everyday use from their owners. There is no need to store your Porsche away for the bad weather months. Now with Porsche winter tyres designed for increased cold weather performance, included better safety in bad conditions, you can now enjoy your Porsche all year round. The garage is just for overnight, and not over winter storage.

Winter Tyres for your Porsche
Tyres should not be a compromise. Tyres that promise to be suitable for "all seasons", will ultimately be a compromise and offer only mediocre performance across the full range of driving conditions over the changing seasons and driving conditions. Ultimately, you need a tyre built for purpose. Porsche recommend, for both safety and performance, than a specific winter tyre be fitted to your Porsche when the temperature falls below +7 Degrees Celsius. It is important to note, that the temperature is the guiding parameter for a switch to a winter tyre. It doesn't matter if there is snow on the ground, only when the temperature falls below +7 degrees Celsius does the switch to a winter tyre need to be made.

Special rubber compounds and treat patterns are at the centre of the Porsche winter tyre. This combination of optimised compound and tyre tread pattern ensures optimum grip on snowy and icy surfaces. Below temperatures of +7 degrees, so called "All Season" tyres will harden reducing grip and breaking distances.

Porsche state the stopping distances at 50 kmh are 50.7m for all season tyres, but only 39.1m for winter tyres.

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Remember also that only "N" rated tyres have been tested and approved by Porsche for their cars. The Porsche Tyre "N" rating also applies to winter tyres. Unless the Tyre has the "N" rating on the tyre wall, they haven't been approved for your Porsche. Porsche work with tyre manufactures throughout the tyre design process to ensure the tyre supports the weight supports the weight and performance of a Porsche under all conditions.

Porsche have a wide range of winter tyres available for your Porsche. They will even store your summer tyres for you while the winter weather conditions prevail.

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