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RUF Automobile GmbH based, in Pfaffenhausen, Germany is a fully fledged automobile manufacturer. RUF has a long standing close relationship with Porsche. RUF cars are built from unmarked Porsche bodies and chassis. On arrival at RUF's facilities, these cars are built to completion by RUF independently of Porsche. RUF cars bear their own chassis numbers. RUF should not be confused as a 'tuner'. Because of the extent of RUF's design and modifications to the Porsche body and chassis they are recognised by the German government as a car manufacturer.

RUF is most famously known for their RUF CTR1 or 'Yellowbird'. Based on a late 80's Porsche 3.2 Carrera, the yellowbird produces 469 bhp from its 3.3 litre twin turbo charged engine and propelled it to a record breaking 211 mph.

RUF is probably the most known company to make enhanced Porsches but it is also specialist in vintage restoration and rebuilds of classic RUF and Porsche automobiles. The company also services its cars and carries out crash repair.
A Quick History
RUF was founded in 1939. It's headquarters were based in Pfaffenhausen, Germany and aptly named 'Auto RUF' by its founder Alois Ruf Senior.

The business initially focussed as a service garage and by 1949 had expanded into a full-service and petrol/gas station.

Alois Ruf began experimenting with car designs of his own in the late 1940s. In 1955 he designed and built a tour bus, which he marketed and sold around Germany. The RUF bus was well received by customers which led to Ruf expanding his business again by starting his own separately owned bus company.

Alois Ruf's son of the same name himself grew up to be an avid sports car enthusiast and began servicing and restoring Porsches out of his father's garage.

In 1974 when Alois Ruf Senior. died, the then 24 year-old Alois Junior took control of the business and focused on his passion for Porsche, and especially the 911. A year later in 1975, the first RUF-enhanced Porsche came to life.

RUF debuted their first complete model in 1977, a tuned version of Porsche's 930 with a stroked 3.3 litre engine.

This was followed in 1978 by RUF's first complete non-turbo Porsche, the 911 SCR. It was a naturally aspirated 911 with a stroked 3.2 litre motor producing 217 horsepower.

Ruf produces a T-top Targa.

Up to this time Porsche only supplied its Tubo 911 with a four speed gearbox. Ruf however releases its own 5 speed gearbox for the 911 variant. Another landmark for Ruf in 1981 was its certification as an automotive manufactures by the german government.

In the years since, Ruf has gone from strength to strength and there can be no doubt that Ruf has had a significant impact on the automotive world by producing exceptionally powerful Porsche-based cars including the 1987 CTR or yellowbird, which set the record as the world's fastest production automobile at the time of its release. The CTR is an abbreviation of C for Groupe C racing, T for twin turbo and R for Ruf.

Then in 1995 Ruf released the 993 based CTR2 which was again one of the worlds fastest road-legal vehicles.

The CTR story continued in 2007 with the release of the CTR3 to celebrate both the company's new plant in Bahrain and as a 20th anniversary celebration of the original RUF CTR.

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