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Jacking up your Porsche 911

How to jack up your porsche 911

On modern cars, jacking the car off the ground is often a simple and obvious task. For early incarnations of the Porsche 911 however it's not as intuitive or immediately obvious. It's easy to do a lot of damage if your Porsche is not jacked up properly, so this guide should help preventing catastrophe. This guide is applicable to the Porsche 911 between 1965 and 1969 as well as the 911 Turbo between 1975 and 1989 and the closely related Porsche 912 manufactured between 1965 and 1969. As a general safety measure, you should always ensure your Porsche has blocks either side of wheels that will be remaining on the floor. You should also leave your Porsche in gear as well as leave the handbrake on.

The factory method for raising the car is to use the car jack pad which was supplied with the car from Porsche and inserts into the side of the car and provides a convenient jacking point.

If you are jacking the rear of the car using the jack pad, then once the whole side of Porsche is lifted from the ground, you can support it by placing axle stands on the rear torsion bar covers. The torsion bar covers will provide the most stable support point if using axle stands.

Alternatively, you can also raise the rear of the car by placing a trolley jack under the engine on the seam where the cases meet. This is a very strong structural point.

If you are jacking up the front of the Porsche, this can be achieved by using either of the two mounting points of the a-arms. It is highly recommended that you use a piece of wood when jacking the car up in this way to protect the a-arms. Once you have jacked up the front of the car, a good place for the axel stands is underneath the front torsion bar mounting points. Like the rear torsion bar cover, this is a structurally sound support point.

DO NOT jack your Porsche on the floor pan. It will buckle under its own weight. Also, oil lines are run adjacent to the edge of the floor pans by the sills. These are easily damaged and expensive to replace.

DO NOT attempt to jack the car at the seam of the floor where it meats the rear firewall. It looks strong, but it's not strong enough and you may damage the car.

DO NOT jack the car up using the front luggage area floor. Again, this is a weak area and can be damaged under the cars weight.

DO NOT attempt to work under the car unless you have ensured the car is safely and firmly supported.

ALWAYS refer to your owners manual for instructions. If uncertain seek professional assistance.

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I must admit, that's one think I like about the old Porsche 911's.  They are so easy to jack up and work on.  especially at the back.  Nice article.

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Great little article.  I love the picture of Porsche and son hard at work smiley

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