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Fuchs Wheel Size Decoder

We have created a database of the various Porsche Fuchs wheels, including part numbers, offsets, sizes, and original finish etc. If you know the size of the Fuchs wheel you have or are trying to find, but need the original Porsche part number, then the Fuchs wheel size decoder tool should help. Please login to use the Fuchs Decoder.

Porsche fuchs alloy wheel

Simply enter your Fuchs wheel size and we'll let you know more about the wheel. The size should be something like 9x16, or 7x16. i.e., the width and diameter of the rim respectively, measured in good old fashioned inches.

Enter Fuchs Wheel Size

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If you have a Fuchs Wheel part number and you'd like to know it's original specificiation, then check out our Fuchs Wheels Part Number Decoder

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