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The Difference Between an 8" & 9" Fuchs Alloy Wheel

Porsche fuchs alloy wheelThe Fuchs alloy has been synonymous with Porsche since time immoral. The most famous design is the 'windmill' design seen on 911's from 1962 and which came to an end in 1989. Many early Porsche 911 owners like to upgrade their wheels by fitting the 16"x9" Fuchs to the rear of their 911. The problem is that both the 8" and 9" Fuchs look almost identical. They can cost a small fortune to buy second hand, so just how do you tell the difference?

Both wheels look very simlar when viewed from the front. Both wheels have circa 1" rim depth, and both have the same slope or dish length. With the wheel nuts in place you can't really tell the difference.

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Thankfully, there are a few things that you can look out for to ensure you can identify which is an 8" Fuch and which is a 9" Fuch.

▶ The countersunk wheel nut holes for the 9" Fuch is set deeper into the wheel forging;
▶ Check for the Porsche part number stamped into the forging on the rear of the wheel. for the 9" Fuch, the part number is 911 362 119 00. For the 8" Fuch the Porsche part number is 911 361 020 03;
▶ Have a look at the inner hub mounting flange. The 9" Fuch has an elliptical shape to each mounting surface. Whereas on the 8" Fuch the mounting flange has a more triangular profile;
▶ Then measure the flange offsets. For the 9" Fuch the offset is 15mm whicle the offset for the 8" is 10.6mm;
▶ Last but not least the wheels have different weights. Without any tyres the 9" Fuch weighs in at 20lbs, while the 8" Fuch weighs slightly less at 19lbs. If you prefer metric, thats 9.07kg and 8.62kg respectively.

So armed with this information you should now be able to tell whichs Fuch is which!

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