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Caring for your Fuchs Alloy Wheels

The Fuchs alloys are amazing wheels. Not only do they look fantastic on the classic Porsche 911's, but their build quality places them ahead of many. I have written about the Fuchs alloy before which you can read about here: The Birth of the Fuchs Alloy.

The Fuchs alloy has become quite an expensive wheel to buy and the second hand market is thriving. Finding good ones is always a challenge, and to re-furbish them is expensive. So looking after them is vital if your to avoid expense as well as ruin their looks. Fuchs are normally painted in the centre and anodised around the rims.
Porsche fuchs alloy wheel
Hot brake dust is a Fuchs worst enemy. Unchecked it will burn through the protective coating and open the alloy up to the elements to be corroded away. Perhaps almost as bad as brake dust, is some loving owners, who with all the right intentions clean their wheels with corrosive cleaners. Some wheel cleaners will also eat through the anodise coating on the wheel and cause more harm than good.

So, looking after the Fuchs is important. Regular washing and waxing will keep these alloys in perfect condition. Just a normal car shampoo is fine. Applying a good wax will help prevent brake dust doing its worst. Rim Wax is a good product and will provide a good protective barrier to damage. There is no magic solution to caring for your Fuchs. The trick to keeping these wheels in good condition, is just regular washing and waxing. Once in a while, jack the Porsche up and remove the Fuchs so you can wash and wax the inside too.

My fuchs has had all the anodise removed and the alloy polished to a mirror finish. Even after exposing them in this way I have kept them in perfect order mile after mile by washing and waxing.

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