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Eliminate Porsche G50 Gearbox Rattle

On the Porsche 911's between 87 and 89 the fabulous G50 gearbox was introduced. On some 911's with the G50 however there was a distinct rattle when in idle. When the clutch was depressed the noise would dissapear. This noise originates in the gearbox linkeage between the gear change lever and the gearbox itself. Porsche issued the following offical remedie and was introduced as standard by the end of the 911 3.2 Carrera production run. Please login to continue reading the rest of this article.

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The AA Brakedown and Recovery

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Hey Fuchsy.  I had the same noise on my G50 and aftr do this upgrade it was completely eliminated.  Good luck!

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Great Article Pete.  My G50 has been making this kind of noise.  I'll be ording these O rings to do this fix.  Fingers crossed it works as the noise has been bothreing me.

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