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Washing your Porsche

For every person you ask, there be as many recommendations on the best way to care for your Porsche. So without any further a due I'll offer my opinion on how to get great results when cleaning your Porsche.

Wash your Porsche
This first article is for washing your 911. Everyone washes their 911 and seems like the most simplest of tasks. Well, washing your car is simple, but if done the wrong way can cause more harm than good. You have to start with recognising that no matter which method you use, you wont be able to avoid the dreaded swirl marks. It is inevitable I'm afraid, but that doesn't mean you should give up. Cleaning your Porsche therefore should be about minimising the development of swirl marks.

The right tools for the job

Every job needs the right tools. Even for something that is as seemingly easy as washing a Porsche. Here's the tools I use for washing my 911:
  • Water.
    Sounds simple enough. Well, don't be too sure. If you live in a hard water area then the water will be full of minerals. You may have noticed that when you wash the Porsche and rinse off, your left with water marks all over the car. This can be solved in a number of ways. You can by an inline water filter specific to the job, or you can do what I do, and is add a squirt or two of rinse aid.
  • Bucket.
    Or should I say buckets. A two bucket system helps keep ant dirt particles off the Porsche and from being rubbed into the paint work while shampooing. Have one bucket with clean water and another for the shampoo water.
  • Pressure washer.
    There are a must have wash accessory. Its great for washing the lower half of the car. Its especially good for cleaning around the wheels, brake areas and occasionally underneath the car to remove salt and any other unwanted nasties.
  • Wash mitt.
    I won't let a sponge get any where near my paint work. They are great hanging onto dirt, grit and grime which you'll lovingly grind into your paint work as you wash your Porsche. The wash mitt is much better. There are lambs wool ones and there are synthetic ones. My preference is to use the microfiber mitts.
  • Microfiber towel.
    Like the sponge, and for similar reasons, I also do not like the chamois leather to dry the Porsche. I also wouldn't recommend a water blade. For similar reasons. A good 5 foot square microfiber towel will dry the car in no time while lifting any dust deep into its microfibers unlike the chamois.
  • Shampoo.
    Choosing a shampoo is a nightmare. There are so many to choose from all claiming to be the next best thing since sliced bread, and many of them are good. With considering which make for now, you should try and find a shampoo that is gentle and P neutral. The rational here is that you don't want to remove any previous wax that you have lovingly and at great expense applied to the car previously. I have used Johnson Baby Shampoo which is very gentle, or if you prefer a dedicated car shampoo, then Miguars make a good range of PH neutral products from which to choose.

Washing the car.

So you have all the right tools, so here's how I was my car:
  • When.
    I prefer to wash the Porsche out of direct sunlight. Early mornings or later afternoons are perfect times for this.
  • Getting Started.
    First start with the wheels arches. Use a hose or power washer to get any dirt or grime off the inner arches. Then clean the wheels.
  • Washing the car.
    Next, wet the whole car. Use a hose or the power washer or even a watering can. I always add a dash of dishwasher rinse aid to avoid the hard water marks. After wetting the car, add your chosen shampoo to warm water. Also add another dash of dishwater rinse aid. Using your shampoo mix and your wash mitt liberally apply the mix starting at the top of the Porsche. Use only the gentlest of pressure and wash the car in straight lines, not the circular motions that most people apply. This only helps create swirl marks. Rinse your wash mitt regularly in a bucket of cold clean water. Keep this process up until the entire car has been cleaned.
  • Bugs.
    If you have any dead bugs on the car, don't be tempted to rub them off. Soak them well with the wash solution and if necessary soak a cloth in the wash solution and lay it over the bugs for a few minutes to loosen them off then simply wash them away.
  • Rinse and Dry.
    Next rinse the car off. Again use clean water with dishwasher rinse aid added. Once rinsed, dry the car immediately using your microfiber towel. Again use a straight drying motion and not circular.
That's it. Your car is washed and ready for any further treatment which I'll cover later.

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