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  • What is Special About a Classic Porsche 911

    There are plenty of quality cars on the market today. Here are a few thoughts on why a 911 has that special appeal, and why the the 911 should be a serious contender on anyones list of a car to own or drive within their lifetime.

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  • A Guide to Understanding Porsche Part numbers

    The eleven digit Porsche part numbers can be a bit of a mystery and knowing what they mean can be a big help when trying to track down that replacement part you need for your prize possession.

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  • Buying an Old Porsche 911

    Many people believe that buying a Porsche 911 is very expensive. Well, i'm pleased to report that the older classic Porsche 911's are now a very affordable option when considering buying your next car. You need to be careful when you make your purchase. Here you will find a few tips to make sure you buy a good one.

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  • Is a Porsche a Supercar

    Its an age old question, but one that should be open to discussion between our fellow Porsche enthusiasts. So what exactly is a supercar? Is it a science? Or are we allowed to bend the rules? Must a car pack 12 cylinders amidships, scream to 60mph in less than four seconds and hit more than 200mph to qualify as a supercar?

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  • How to Enjoy your Porsche

    There are many Porsche owners and enthusiasts around the world and many of their Porsches stay locked away in their garages and emerge only on sunny days and holidays. Here you will find a few tips for getting the most enjoyment out of your Porsche.

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