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Channel P101tv is a social networking site launched in 2010 and focuses on providing services to the Porsche enthusiast community. The majority of the website is open to non registered members. Users who do register on Channel P101tv then have additional access to a range of services, resources and features, including being able to create a personal channel, add other users as friends, subscribe to other users channels and exchange messages, including automatic notifications when they update their profile. Additionally, may upload videos, pictures, join common-interest user groups, or write a blog.

Channel P101tv also provides a number of Porsche related resources enabling users to access how-to guides, a directory of Porsche related service and product providers, Porsche vehicle data and specifications, search databases of Porsche option codes, Fuchs wheels sizes and specifications, and a guide to decoding Porsche VIN codes.

Channel P101tv was founded by long term Porsche enthusiast Peter Bell. The goal of the website is to increase access to the world of Porsche and create a sense of community for all fellow enthusiasts across the world.

The name 'Channel P101tv' is derived from a combination of providing a means to access a range of Porsche related content through a number of categories or channels, and '101' a colloquialism for an introduction to a specified subject matter.


Channel P101tv Username
When registering on Channel P101tv, users create their own website Username. The Username is used to identify the user throughout the website, for example on their User Channel, adjacent to any video or picture comments and when using the messaging system. A Users Channel is identifiable by a unique URL in the following format: http://www.p101tv/members/username making linking and navigation simpler.

User Channel
Registered users of Channel P101tv can create their own user 'Channel'. The Channel shows a users uploaded Porsche content including videos, pictures and blogs. The Channel will also show, subject to user privacy settings, the users registered User Name, real name, age, country, personal website details, personal interests and other information.
The User Channel will also display friends and subscribers as well as which pictures and videos the user has marked as their favourites. These favourites can be their own or any other video or picture throughout the website.

User Avatar
Registered users may upload a picture to their personal profile which other members or users will see. This can be anything that a user would like to be associated with their name and account. It might be a picture of their Porsche for example, but could be anything they'd like to represent or identify on P101tv. The Avatar image will be shown on a users Channel as well as adjacent to any content uploads of posted comments.

Privacy Settings
To allay concerns about privacy, Channel P101tv enables users to choose their own privacy settings and choose who can see specific parts of their User Channel Profile. Channel P101 requires a user's Username and profile picture (or Avatar) to be accessible by everyone. Users can control who sees other information they have shared through their privacy settings.

The Wall
The Wall feature on Channel P101tv is a timeline of site wide activity that is designed to keep up to date with what's been happening around the website. It's a timeline of activity from all P101tv members and will show what's been uploaded, what's being discussed and what's liked or disliked.

Registered users are able to upload an unlimited number of videos to their Channel P101tv account. Uploaded videos are displayed in a number of locations around the Channel P101tv website. The videos will be shown on a users' Channel, as well as in the video individual video pages. Videos may also be displayed on the home page in the main video carousel, the promoted video section, or the featured video section.

P101tv accepts a wide range of popular video formats. The accepted video files are WMV, MPG, MPEG, AVI, MP4, FLV, MOV, MOOV and many more video file types. P101tv will automatically adjust your video for display and playing over the internet.

Registered users are able to upload an unlimited number of Pictures to their Channel P101tv account. Pictures are uploaded into albums. Users are able to create an unlimited number of picture albums. Uploaded pictures are displayed in a number of locations around the Channel P101tv website. The pictures will be shown on a users' Channel, as well as in the individual images pages. Images may also be displayed on the home page in the featured picture section. P101tv accepts a wide range of popular image formats. The accepted image files are JPG, JPEG, PNG and GIF and many more picture file types.

Viewing Pictures
Users are able to view pictures on Channel P101tv using the Carousel feature. After selecting an album from the Images page, users are presented with a main image undernieth which is a carousel of smaller thumbnails of the other images within the album. User may click on a thumbnail to view the image in a larger format, or if preferred, the main image above the carousel may be clicked to reveal a slide show of all the images within the folder in full screen size.

User Comments
Registered members are able to post comments on uploaded videos and Pictures. The owner of the video will receive notification when such a comment is made. When the content owner the replies to the comment, the owner of the original comment will receive a similar notification. The comment system is intended to promote community discussions.

User Comment Ratings
Registered Users are able to rate individual comments. The rating is based on a thumbs up or thumbs down system. The net total rating is shown adjacent to each user comment.

User Channels, Videos, Pictures and Blogs can be Rated by registered users. Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 star voting system. Users select how many stars to award a particular content item or user Channel. The total rating for all votes are them aggregated and displayed.

Private Messaging
Registered members are able to send to private messages to other members via the Channel P101tv messaging system. Members receive a notification when a new message arrives. Members can elect not to receive notifications via their privacy setting.

Channel P101tv publishes a monthly Newsletter which is available to view online by all users. The Newsletter informs users of new website features and services as well as new Porsche resources or online tools. The newsletter also tells users when there are new articles and guides published the Folio section of the website. The Newsletter also has a featured video and picture as uploaded by registered members. A notification email is sent to all registered users when the latest Newsletter is published. Users can elect not to receive Newsletter notification via their privacy settings.

Content accessibility
All of Channel P101tv's Videos and Pictures can be viewed by all visitors to the website.
Channel P101tv offers users the ability to view its videos and pictures on third party websites. Each P101tv video and picture is accompanied by a piece of HTML that can be used to embed it on any page on the Web. This functionality is often used to embed P101tv videos and pictures in social networking pages, forums and blogs. Embedding, as well as ranking and commenting, can be disabled by the video owner.

Channel P101tv provides a download link for its videos if Users are logged into their P101tv Account.


The Folio
The Folio if Channel P101tv's resource centre. It provides a range of information resources. The majority of these resources are open to all users, but some are only accessible to Registered users. All resources are free of charge.

The Folio includes the following range of Porsche related resources:

Porsche Data Folio. This provides specifications and production data for road going Porsche vehicles.
RUF Data Folio. This provides specifications and production data for road going RUF vehicles.
Directory Services. This is a directory listing Providers of Porsche related services and products as well as enthusiast sites, clubs, registries and forums. The directory covers the UK, USA, Australia.
Articles & Guides. This is a growing resources area of articles written to inform and help the Porsche enthusiast understand and maintain their Porsche.
Options & Codes. Porsche have a number of options and codes related to their products. This area of the Folio is designed to help Porsche enthusiasts decode the numbers and understand their meaning. The Options & Codes area currently has databases of Porsche country codes, Porsche Options Codes, Porsche Special Options Codes, Porsche VIN numbers and Fuchs Wheels.
Porsche Quizzes. This area of the Folio is purely for fun and has a number of Quizzes which all users may undertake and test their knowledge of Porsche. Users quiz scores are compared to the overall average for each Quiz.

Community Policies

Channel P101tv has a number of policies which it has published for the operation of the website. These policies include the overall terms and conditions, privacy policy, and a spam and abuse policy. To read this in full you can visit the terms and condition page.

First Pubished Date: 9th October, 2012

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If you would like more information on Channel P101tv please feel free to email us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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