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Does the Porsche 965 Really Exist

Porsche 969

We've all heard of the Porsche 965. It's a Porsche 964-model Turbo. Or is it?

This is a tricky one. Technically refering to a Porsche 964 Turbo as a Porsche 965 is incorrect. This type number was given to a high tech prototype project that shared much with the famous Porsche 959 supercar, and could have finally been badged the 969.

The picture above is not a Porsche 959 as you may think at first glance, it is rather a Porsche 969 (what the 965 would have become known as)!

The project 965 was born along side the development of the Porsche 959. It's believed that the Porsche 965 should have been a more mass market compatible supercar, but unfortunately development was cancelled in 1988 because of problems with the engine development. Also the estimated price of the car at the time was thought to be too expsensive to sell on the open market.

The central part of the project was to develop a new engine. Not just for the Porsche 969, but also as a replacement for the exisiting 930 engine. Porsche experiment with 6 cyl., 8 cyl. and water cooling variants but always looked towards the already existing Porsche 964 engine to be combined with in a 'low' performance way.

When the project was cancelled during 1988, the Porsche 964 had already entered production. This was a naturally aspiration model with no Turbo version available. Porsche then developed a Turbo on a 3,6 basis. This then became the 965 engine - from the 965 project. This is also why some part numbers for the Turbo begine with 965.

So, that's why the Porsche 964 Turbo (3.6l) is often referred to as as Porsche 965, which is not completely wrong, but also not really technically correct.

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