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Porsche Also Made a Diesel

Porsche tractor

Everybody knows Porsche have been in the business of making sports cars for longer than they can remember. The Porsche 356 was launched in 1948 and Porsche have released supercars ever since.

What you may not have known, is that Porsche also made Tractors. They don't make them anymore, but between 1930 and 1963 Porsche manufactured Tractors, or the 'Volk-Tractor'. It was also powered by 'Diesel' the fuel of the Devil hmself if your a proper petrol head. Porsche of course have recently re-entered the Diesel powered market with the launch of the Cayenne diesel. So if someone screams in horror 'Whay Have Porsche produced a Diesel Sports Car', you can reply with confidence, 'This is just Porsche evolving it's earlier protype designs!

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