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Porsche Folio "Options & Codes"

Porsche Options and Codes Overview

Unlike almost any other manufacturer, Porsche has been obsessed with providing it's customers with the ultimate choice of how they would like their Porsche. As a result of this high level of personalisation, no two Porsches would appear to be the same. Customers are able to choose from an array of options including limitless paint colours, spoilers, body kit packages, transmission, brakes, interior finish, stitching colours, Porsche logo's and much, much more. Porsche even have an exclusive options list for special programmes options. These inlude wonderful things like option 'Z97 - Steering wheel in deviating colour', or 'Y6 - Wood Tiptronic S selector knob and brake', or if your that bit taller, you can have 'XSU Lowered front seat by 10mm'. The list of options for customers to personalise their Porsche to their own requirements seems almost limitless.

P101tv Options Decoder

Givn the vast array of options we have put together various options lists as well as an automated decoder to help you make sense of the options codes on your Porsche. As we discover more options codes abd their translation we'll add them to the database. If you discover codes that we havent yet listed, let us know and we'll add it the database for the benefit of others.

Have we missed something or feel something should be added?

As always, we aim to provide an accurate, complete and up to date database of the various Porsche options and codes. If there's something missing that you feel needs to be included or if something doesn't seem quite right, then please let us know. Just click on "Contact us" at the bottom of the page.

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