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Brighten up your Porsche on a budget (Pt2)

This article applies to Porsches 911, 912 or 930 built between 1965 to 1989

If your Porsche is looking a bit old and tired, there's a few relatively inexpensive things you can do to bring your Porsche back to life and add back some of the original sparkle. In part two of the series we take a look at the side of the Porsche

Jacking Point Covers

Porsches between 1974 and 1989 have small plastic caps which cover the jacking points on either side of the Porsche. These are often faded, malformed or even missing. The are easy to remove and cheap to replace. They will look brighter, cleaner and help tidy up the under side panels.

Porsche Petrol Cap
Fuel Cap and Filler area.

For the 1974 to 1989 Porsches in this series the fule filler area as a few things to help you tidy your Porsche. The washer bottle filler cap is in fuel filler compartment. This often become brittle over the years as well as faded and dirty looking. This is easily replaced and brightens the look of the filler area. Also, there should be a rubber matting that fits around the collar of the fuel filler pipe and unfolds wen you are filling the car with fuel. These are often missing or badly worn or torn. Replacing this is a simple task and quite cheap too. Lastly take a look at the fuel cap. These were bright zinc plated. This can become eroded over the years. You can either replace the cap or even get it re zinc plated. Your choice.

Porsche flag wing mirrors
Side mirrors.

If your Porsche has the flag side mirrors, then you'll probably notice that the allen screw that holds it in place is on show. There should be a small plastic plug and are always missing. You can do two things here. Replace the allen screw with a new one and even with stainless steel replacement to ensure it stays shiny. Then of course buy a new sealing plug. If you really want to spend more money here, you could upgrade to the new aero mirrors or tear drop mirrors found on the 993. There are a direct replacement.

The Doors.

Open the doors and you'll find a number of rubber bungs that simply pressed into place. These a really cheap and make a massive difference to the look of the car when the dorrs are open,. You can also replace the rubber cover that goes over the door courtesy switch. Lastly, the pull lever that open the engine lid can often be broken. It's a simple job to replace them and tidies the look dramitacally.

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Nice article.  Sometimes a little goes along way. 

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I like the idea of this article.  It's the little things you have mentioned that will make a real difference to the look of your 911.  I'm certainly going to follow some of these tips.  Im missing the petrol cap matting.  I never even new there should some in there in the first place.

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