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Porsche Press Releases for 2013

Keep up to date with what Porsche have been doing by reading through the latest Porsche Press releases. The Press Releases below have been reproduced from the main Porsche AG website for your convenience. Simply click on Press Release heading to read the details. You can also find Press Releases from earlier years from the archive menu to the left.

Porsche acquires majority share in Manthey-Racing GmbH

Successful cooperation with racing team strengthened

Stuttgart. Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG has acquired a 51 percent stake in Manthey-Racing GmbH, thereby further strengthening its long-standing, successful cooperation with the racing team. Manthey-Racing GmbH specialises in developing and racing Porsche track cars, but also delivers all manner of services relating to the road cars from Zuffenhausen. Founded by Olaf Manthey in 1996, the company is headquartered in Meuspath, directly by the Nurburgring, and currently employs 40 full-time staff. Its many successes in the world of motorsport include eight titles in the Porsche Supercup, five overall victories in the Nurburgring 24-hour race and two in Le Mans. Since 2013, Manthey-Racing supports the Porsche factory entry at the sportscar world championship WEC. "I am certain that this move puts us in an even stronger position to tackle the challenges of the WEC and I look forward to working ever more closely with Olaf Manthey, Nicolas Raeder and Martin Raeder", explains Wolfgang Hatz, Member of the Executive Board Research and Development at Porsche AG. Following his company's merger with Raeder Automotive GmbH, this investment from the sportscar manufacturer promises a great future for Olaf Manthey and his team at the Dottinger Hohe. "Porsche's commitment and dedication represents the best possible incentive to our employees", states Manthey. "Not only can we pool our knowledge and expertise, but with Porsche at our side we can look forward to the future with great confidence".

Porsche intensified entering a new digital age with the Macan

Sports car manufacturer improves online presence

Porsche is breaking into a new market segment with the Macan compact SUV. The sports car manufacturer is taking an unusual approach with the market launch campaign for the vehicle, too. The campaign revolves around an innovative yet comprehensive online platform that allows various social media channels in particular to be used to interact with interested users. Porsche AG is also using this campaign to revise its entire online presence, for which the company is essentially a leading player in the industry*. By opting for a complete, responsive design, Porsche AG is once again setting benchmarks for the industry as well as guaranteeing a uniform experience across all end devices.

Porsche intensified. this is how Porsche itself describes the essence of the new Macan, focusing on two aspects: the intensive driving experience and the intensive lifestyle of a new target group. This group is still considered a typically Porsche audience, but it tends to be slightly younger and more cosmopolitan than the current clientele. Nevertheless: Just as the Macan features the typical Porsche DNA, the campaign via social media channels, with its exclusive Porsche tone, leaves no doubt about what makes the Porsche brand unmistakeable as the manufacturer of the "sportiest vehicle in its segment".

Personal networks as multipliers

Before the global market launch of the Macan in the spring is accompanied by displays and TV advertising, the public will experience the Macan predominantly via the Internet. The Macan microsite forms the interface for interested parties, combining information about the vehicle with the social media content created by users. Users log in via their personal accounts with Facebook, Google+ or Weibo and follow the activities of members of their personal networks connected with the Macan, giving the user a completely personal view of the latest Porsche.

The online campaign is being implemented in multiple stages. At present, users receive background information and technical details about the Macan twice each week. A direct marketing campaign that comprises five steps is being run in parallel. The content of this campaign is increasingly tailored to the respective recipient, the final result being that a customized, printed catalogue is sent to the potential buyer, showing every detail of the Macan that the interested party has already configured online.

The innovative approach behind the online campaign is also underlined by the Macan corners in the Porsche Centres. Here, potential buyers can find out more about the Macan before the market launch in Germany in April 2014 using an "augmented reality app", which gives users a virtual yet incredibly realistic experience. Dr. Kjell Gruner, Vice President at Porsche, says: "In launching the new Macan onto the market, we want to reach new target groups defined by the digital age. That is why extending the brand experience into the virtual world is a core objective for us."

A uniform experience: The new Porsche website

The online activities for launching the Macan go hand-in-hand with the relaunch of the entire Porsche online presence. Porsche has put a lot of effort into ensuring that the user interface remains identical regardless of the device used. "For us, ensuring a consistent, highly emotive user experience on all end devices is the key to achieving a uniform, digital brand presence", says Robert Ader, Director Marketing and Communication.

The new presence also showcases all the elements that have led to Porsche receiving the best ratings in the industry for its website in independent comparisons in years gone by the comparisons conducted by the US market research institute J.D. Power and Associates for instance: the simple navigation layout, a clear and modern appearance, extensive additional information and features, model pages tailored to the needs of the user, as well as an effective dealer search function.

Important Distinctions for the Porsche Brand at IAA

Honorary Award 2013: Matthias Mueller is Brand Manager of the Year

Porsche is "Brand of the Year" and Matthias Mueller is "Brand Manager of the Year". The sports car maker and the CEO of Porsche AG received these awards at the 2013 Automotive Brand Contest during the International Auto Show (IAA) in Frankfurt. The German Design Council acknowledged "in particular the consistent and pathbreaking brand management of Porsche, which, for decades, has been able to put an unmistakeable face on attributes such as longevity, value and quality through their automobiles".

Of course, Matthias Mueller was very pleased with this recognition during the award ceremony. At the same time, he underlined the very high standards that he demands from his marque: "Above all, Porsche means premium, which stands for the best quality without compromise. We will never be satisfied with what we have achieved, but always want to improve a bit further." In addition to the Porsche brand and Mr Mueller, the new super sports car 918 Spyder, the latest generation Cayman and the Panamera S E-Hybrid were all recognized for their very successful design. The new show room concept for Porsche Centers together with Porsche Web Specials and the customer magazine Christophorus were also recognized.

Despite the continued strive for progress it is equally important for the chairman, to always offer reliabilty as a brand. "Our customers expect automobiles that combine pure sportiness with elegance, the highest quality, innovative technology and daily usability," says Mueller. "This is our one and only yardstick whenever we prepare a model change or develop new cars".

It has been this sentiment, which secured Porsche a unique position in the premium segment over the past decades. The 911 sports car icon, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, is a prime example for what can be achieved when tradition and progress are ideally combined.

The 911 successfully holds its own in the car market for five decades, longer than any other sports car. During all those years it has remained true to itself and became the unmistakeable face of Porsche to the world. Yet, for Matthias Mueller this means a particular challenge, namely "to transplant those unique genes onto our other model lines. But so far, we have very well succeeded in accomplishing just that, and we'll be happy to continue being judged by it in the future".

All classes play a part in growth and innovation

Porsche presents plug-in hybrid technology for the Panamera and 918 Spyder at the IAA

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (seen here next to the Porsche Panamera S E-hybrid 1)) is convinced that "electric mobility is set to play an ever greater role" and that "vehicles of all classes play a part in growth and innovation". The head of the German government made this statement at the opening of the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt on Thursday (September 12, 2013). Merkel then spent some time at the Porsche stand, finding out about the only plug-in hybrid technology to be rolled out for series production in the luxury sedan car segment. The chancellor was welcomed by Matthias Muller, Chairman of the Executive Board at Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG.

Muller presented the Panamera S E-hybrid to the Chancellor, explaining: "This Porsche model combines sporty performance and maximum comfort with the fuel consumption of a compact car and this Panamera is easy to charge at home by plugging it in as well as charging it as it is driven."

The plug-in hybrid drive is Porsche's answer to the main challenge currently faced by the automotive industry: the need to design mobility options that protect the environment and conserve resources. The sports car manufacturer has consistently focused on this requirement, combining these environmental considerations with a fascinating, sporty driving experience. "The ideal synthesis between sportiness and sustainability is achieved in impressive fashion with our new super sports car, the 918 Spyder 2)", explained Muller.

The IAA trade show in Frankfurt is open to the general public until September 22, from 9 am to 7 pm each day. Sportscar enthusiasts will find the latest models from Porsche in hall 3.0 at stand A12, the vehicles on show include the "50 Years of the 911" limited edition 911 model 3) and the new 911 Turbo 4).

918 Spyder tops global debut with a Nurburgring lap record

Super sportscar equipped with a hybrid drive takes the Nurburgring Nordschleife in 6.57 minutes

As the first vehicle to boast global road homologation, the Porsche 918 Spyder* has conquered the 20.6-kilometre lap around the Nurburgring Nordschleife in less than seven minutes. Achieving a time of exactly six minutes and 57 seconds, the super sportscar equipped with a hybrid drive shaved 14 seconds off the previous record. Wolfgang Hatz, member of the Porsche AG Board of Management in charge of Research and Development, had the following to say: "We promised a great deal with the 918 Spyder, namely to redefine driving pleasure, efficiency and performance. We have kept our word."

As is always the case with Porsche, the 918 Spyder is also leading the way for future generations as the latest in the line of super sportscars. It is currently making its global debut at the International Motor Show (IAA). With its unique spread, the model blends maximum driving dynamics with minimal fuel consumption. By taking the Nurburgring record, the sportscar is demonstrating the enormous potential that lies in Porsche's pioneering plug-in hybrid concept, and is underpinning the leading role the company enjoys when it comes to developing sporty hybrid vehicles. "The radical hybridisation of the 918 Spyder from the very outset is what made this lap record possible" says Dr. Frank Walliser, head of the 918 Spyder project. "The lap time on the Nordschleife is and remains the toughest measure of a super sportscar. Posting a time of 6.57 minutes, we achieved a result of which everyone in the development team and at Porsche as a whole is rightly proud."

The record, which was previously held for four years, was even broken during the first attempt in the test drive on the morning of September 4. All three drivers, Former European Rally Champion Walter Rohrl, Porsche test driver Timo Kluck and Porsche factory driver Marc Lieb were quicker than the existing record with each lap driving the two 918 Spyder models used, and posted lap times of less than seven minutes on numerous occasions. Ultimately, it was Marc Lieb who posted the absolute best time of 6.57 minutes, driving at an average speed of 179.5 km/h, as measured by Wige Solutions. Marcus Schurig, editor-in-chief of sportscar magazine "sport auto", was on hand as an objective observer of the record-breaking runs. The two sportscars, which deliver an output of 887 bhp (652 kW), were equipped with the optional "Weissach package" to increase the driving dynamics, and lead out on the standard Michelin tyres developed specifically for the 918 Spyder.

Porsche on the road to success to the IAA

Customer deliveries: Sports car manufacturer reaches 100,000 mark as early as August

At the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt, Germany, from the middle of September, Porsche fans can discover the latest vehicles emerging from Zuffenhausen and Leipzig. Among the cars featured, the models from Porsche this year are as sought-after as never before: In just eight months, the sports car manufacturer has already delivered more than 106,000 vehicles to its customers all over the world, an increase of 15 per cent compared with the same period last year. Among the vehicles Porsche is presenting at its stand (hall 3.0, stand A12) will be the limited-edition "50 years of the Porsche 911" model and the latest-generation 911 Turbo. Porsche will also be unveiling its sports car of the future, in the shape of the 918 Spyder plug-in hybrid.

"At Porsche, 'fascination sports car' is always a key consideration. The 918 Spyder and the Panamera S E-Hybrid are masterpieces of engineering and the perfect embodiment of the Engineered by Porsche philosophy", says Bernhard Maier, Member of the Executive Board Sales and Marketing of Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG. "We firmly believe that efficient sports cars are in keeping with the times and still have a great future ahead of them. Porsche plug-in hybrid technology will demonstrate, in the coming years, the intelligent synthesis of performance and sustainability."

This year so far has seen Porsche sell considerably more vehicles worldwide. In addition to the Cayenne, which has been delivered to more than 55,000 customers, the iconic 911 sports car is also very much in demand, with around 20,000 models being sold. "The deliveries made to customers in August show that we are on a solid course", says Maier. "Despite the difficult economic climate, we are continuing on the road to success with our attractive model range."

In the USA in particular, the 911, Boxster/Cayman, Cayenne and Panamera model lines proved very popular, with around 28,500 models being delivered, a quarter more than in the same period the previous year. China retains second place when it comes to Porsche sales: More than 24,500 new cars were delivered to customers in China, 17 per cent more than between January and August last year.

The Porsche 918 Spyder celebrates its world debut at the IAA 2013

Spectacular technology pioneer goes into series production

Stuttgart. The technologically pioneering Porsche 918 Spyder1) is celebrating its debut at this year's International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt. The super sportscar with plug-in hybrid drive marks the beginning of a new era for sportscar manufacturing. Never before has a super sportscar designed for everyday use offered such an impressive dynamic performance combined with the fuel consumption of a compact car. In setting this technological benchmark, the Porsche 918 Spyder is taking on a pioneering role similar to that of the 911 when it was unveiled at the IAA fifty years ago. To mark this anniversary, Porsche is presenting the "50 years 911" limited edition model. Based on the 911 Carrera S platform, this special model combines traditional 911 features with state-of-the-art technology. Porsche is completing its sportscar lineup with the new 911 Turbo, which is being presented to the public for the first time at the major trade show in Frankfurt.

In addition, the new Panamera generation2) is demonstrating the unique coverage of the Porsche range of models. As the first plug-in hybrid in the luxury class, the pioneering Panamera S E-Hybrid3) is proving that Porsche is leading the field with its expertise in the development of fuel-efficient drive concepts for sportscars. Also on show is the more fuel-efficient Gran Turismo for long distance driving, the Panamera Diesel, which now offers an output of 300 bhp.

The outstanding combination of performance and efficiency typical of the brand is still Porsche's secret weapon when it comes to setting new sales records. Matthias Muller, President and CEO of Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG recently said: "From January to July, we were able deliver around 95,300 new vehicles worldwide that's 17% more than in the first seven months of 2012. We are therefore very confident about the next few months and we now firmly believe we will have sold more vehicles by the end of 2013 than we did in the previous year. Based on how things are going at the moment, we are set to have another record year and that's in spite of the fact that the present economic climate is far from satisfactory." 2012 was the most successful year to date in Porsche's history, with 143,096 vehicles sold and sales of EUR 13.9 billion.

Porsche's genetic blueprint for the future: The 918 Spyder with high-performance hybrid

The 918 Spyder is the continuation of the traditional Porsche DNA in a ground-breaking sportscar concept. Designed from the start to be a high-performance hybrid, the 918 Spyder boasts an unprecedented combination of performance (offering the 887-bhp output of a super sportscar) and the virtually silent locomotion of an electric vehicle. The vehicle is able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.8 seconds and offers an average standard fuel consumption of between 3.0 and 3.3 litres/100 km. The 918 Spyder concept also allows a combustion engine to be combined with an electric motor-based drive to further optimise the dynamic performance of the vehicle.

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