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  • Added: (2011-11-07 04:37:45)
  • Some of you may have noticed the odd comment on your videos, pictures blogs from spammers who join Channel P101tv to promote their ridiculous websites.


    I wanted to let you all know that I’m on top of that. I delete their accounts as soon as I realise what they are upto. Also I have implemented new measures that prevents new members from being able to post url’s and weblinks to external sites on video, pictures, blogs and profile pages.


    So all "Fledglings" and “Newbies” can't post url’s or weblinks. They can only post links to internal P101tv pages.


    Once your membership status moves up to being a “Jr. Member” you will be able to post links again.


    The membership status levels for the website are based on how many pictures or videos or bogs you upload. These are the current levels:


    'Fledgling' - upto 5 uploads

    'Newbie' – upto 25 uploads;

    'Jr. Member' – upto 50 uploads;

    'Member' – upto 150 uploads;

    'Hero Member' – Above 151 uploads.


    You can see your membership status badge below your avatar for any of your picture or video uploads as well as your profile page.

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