• Pimp up your Web Browser Porsche Style

  • Added: (2011-07-06 12:56:14)
  • If your like me, then you spend many hours each week in front of your computer browsing the web.  So, rather than looking at the same old bland web browser colour scheme, I thought I'd create something a little more interesting to look at.


    As you'd probably guess, my themes are all Porsche related!


    So far I have created a few themes or "Personas" for those of you using the firefox  web browser.  I've been using firefox for a long time so it seemed the natural place to start creating Porsche themes.  As time permits I hope to create the same themes for the other popular web browsers.


    You can view and download my Porsche Personas for firefox here:


    Porsche Themed Forefox Personas.


    Let me know what you think, or if you have any ideas for Porsche themes.

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