Porsche Resource Folio: United Kingdom

Porsche Enthusiasts

This section of the Folio lists websites run by enthusiasts. These are small independent websites, typically run by Porsche owners documenting their passion for Porsche through knowledge sharing or restoration projects.

912 Anthology
Description : A site dedicated to the Porsche 912. Technical information, specifications, history, historic racing as well as a feature for building your own Porsche 912 showroom.
Website : www.theporsche912.com

964 UK
Description : A site dedicated to the Porsche 964. Technical information, specifications, how-to guides, meetings & events, articles and a gallery.
Website : www.964uk.com

Description : An enthusiasts collection of Porsche media, including a large variety of Porsche brochures and videos.
Website : www.coochas.com

Description : An owners website for a 1974 Porsche 911, restored and modified.
Website : www.myporsche911.co.uk

John's Porsche 964
Description : An Independent Site in Homage to the Porsche 964.
Website : www.porsche964.co.uk/

Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0
Description : An enthusiast site for the Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0, including facts, figures, news, history, brochures and a registry.
Website : www.911carrera3.co.uk

Description : Porscheshire is a small club of Porsche owners and enthusiasts based in Cheshire, United Kingdom.
Website : www.porscheshire.com

Project 356 A
Description : Gary's site dedicated to his beautiful Porsche 356 A.
Website : www.356a.co.uk

Rick's Cars
Description : Rick's website about his passion for cars including a great section for Porsche parts catalogues and workshop manuals.
Website : www.cannell.co.uk

Simon's 911 SC Site
Description : Simon's great website about his passion for his 911 SC. His site also features some very useful information for the SC enthusiast, including VIN numbers, owners manual, paint colopurs and more.
Website : www.adelgigs.com/911sc.shtml

Southern Porsche Club
Description : The Southern Porsche Club is a fun social club for Porsche enthusiasts in the South og England.
Website : www.southernporscheclub.co.uk

The Getawayer
Description : The Getawayer conducts his own reviews on Porsches. Hiring Porsches he films his own independent reviews.
Website : www.thegetawayer.com

Unkle Kit's Site
Description : Kits' photoblog site featuring a numbner of photographs but amonmth them some great pictures and Posters of Porsche.
Website : www.unclekits.tumblr.com

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