# Brey-Krause at schattenbaum PCA event
Now Playing: Brey-Krause at schattenbaum PCA event
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    This is one of Brey-Krause drivers that is going through the PCA driver education program, to hopefully become an instructor. This event was a Schattenbaum PCA event at NJMP.
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Date: 28-06-11
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What great 911. Looks like she's purpose built for the track. What is the spec?

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Reply by: bkautodriver
Date: 29-06-11

Thanks. This car was built to be a drivers ed car. Its not actually built to any spec. Its only purpose is to teach our beginner drivers how to drive properly without the help of sticky tires, abs, or anything else that would cover up drivers mistakes. We are very happy with the results, its a lot of work but very fun to drive.

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