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  • By: tsearle Added: 21-09-10
  • The summer is almost over here on the east coast of the US of A and I have to start thinking of what to do about the car for the winter.  I will probably get to drive it until late October but, it could be later or earlier.  That's what comes from living in New England.  While I have put on 4000 miles since I bought the car in 05/2010, I have been advised that it is best to change the oil even with only 4000 miles as there is carbon deposits in the oil.  I also discovered the tires will need replacing.  I drove aggressively at times this summer but not overtly.  I was cleaning the wheels when I noticed the inside of the rear wheels were worn to the wear bar while the outside of the tire still had some play.  I am trying to decide if I should change them out before I park it or wait until I get it out next spring. I also am wondering what tires.  The 911S has michelin PS2 and I definitely liked the way it handles or did before the tire wear.  I see consumer reports likes hankook tires whhich are way less expensive.  The PCA tech rep said they would work on the 911.  Car and Driver in a recent article this past summer rated them number 2  out of ten or so tires.  I am thinking, for the price, I should try them.  What to do?  I still have time but I could use some input.  Do I need to get a 4 wheel alignment for the car?  I will continue to research.

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  • Reply by: pete917
    Date: 10-10-10

    This is a really good post because it is something we all need to be careful of. Sounds like your car is in need of some geometry checks. For the tyre to wear on an inside edge would indicate the geometry is out and your throwing awa tyres long before you would have done other wise. A corner weight and geometry alignment is good money well spend IMHO. I had it done recently and the car drove so much better afterwards and my tyres wearing much better. If it were me I think I'd have the balancing and geomtry done before changing the tyres. If your going to lay the 911 up for the winter, I'd probably wait until after the winter for the tyre change. I Think the Michelin PS2 is a good choice. I drive Bridgestone S01 or S02's which are also very good tyres.

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