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  • By: carreracat Added: 03-03-11
  • Hi All,


    New here, Pete directed me in the direction of this site so I thought I would give it a go. 


    I bought my 1977 3.0 930 in Singapore about 18 months ago now and have been posting my progress on various forums so I thought I would give this blogging thing a go and have it all in one place! 


    When I bought it, it was in a sorry state; it didn't run and was sitting on a hoist of a very disreputable workshop where it had been languishing, unloved for some time.  It had a 965 type look with FG bumpers, boxed rockers a 3.8 type rear wing and air scopes cut in the rear fenders.  Some engine parts were missing and whilst the turbo was present, the rotor had been removed and the air/gas casing blanked off!!!  the interior had been completely redone previously, not oringial but nice enough that I plan on leaving it as is for now.


    So I bought the car for a cheap price (by Singapore standards) fitted a new turbo and some other missing bits and it ran, albeit very rough!  At some point in its life it has had the K-Jetronic removed and the ignition replaced with megasquirt (an American shareware homemade ECU system) using Ford parts.  I couldn’t really get this working so I replaced it with Motec and some individual coil packs (as the distributor was already missing).


    I then drove the car for about 9 months before laying it up (so I don't have to pay tax or insurance) and have since started the restoration and repairs proper.  My aim is to have the body looking as stock as possible with a reliable, short stroke turbo engine under the (hopefully ordinal lid).  The following is a summary of my various forum posts and I will try to keep things updated as I go:

    Aug 2009:


    Bought car, found like this:

    Sep 2009:

    New K27HF zero toerlance turbo from UMS arrives in the post and is fitted so car now runs.A bit rough but I maange to downlad the software to tune the megasquirt a bit to get it running ok.

    Colour is 2004 GT silver.  Don't let the pics foool you - the bodywork is shocking up close!

    Oct 2009:

    Car not running great but can't afford to start repairs proper yet.  The following carried out in the meantime:

    cam timing set to 1mm (it was 4mm!)
    chain drive shaft seals replaced
    chain drive sprockets aligned correctly
    turbo oil pump seals replaced
    rocker are shafts correctly installed
    cam cover sealing surfaces properly cleaned and new gaskets fitted
    new proper crimped fuel lines installed
    correct spark plugs fitted - old one were too long and were just making contact with pistons!
    missing tooth on crank pick up adjusted to correct position
    shifter mountings replaced

    Nov 2009:

    Got my CoA with the helop of Prsche Asia Pacific (local dealer couldn't be arsd to help!)

    Long term plan is to get the impact bumper look back and get it sprayed in it's original colour.  Somehting like this:


    Mar 2010:

    Can't really get much joy with this home grown megasquirt ECU tuning (probably my lack of computer know how!) and my clutch is toast so engine is coming out for new clutch and changing to Motec M600 with 550cc injectors and Audi individual coil packs.

    Engine out:

    New wiring harness on:

    Motec M600 witing and individual coil pack before fitting:

    coil packs installed:


    Apr 2010:

    She's back ont he road after the following work:

    • the motec has been fitted along with the individual coil packs
    • all the old hideous wiring has been ripped out and a new loom made up for the motec and new 993 turbo plugs fitted (cos the 930 plugs didn't like the individual coil packs for some reason?)
    • a new clutch has been fitted along with an omega spring (which was missing when i bought the car - what a difference that makes in traffic!!)
    • a fresh charge of oil and a used set of flag wing mirrors fitted (they are red which looks a little odd on my silver car, but it's part of the work in progress!)
    • engine tuned by local motec dealer in most conservative manner possible (cos i haven't had the motor apart yet and i don't want to stress anything!) now putting out 325bhp and 400Nm


    Jun 2010:

    The parts hunt to return her to the IB look gathers pace:


    Nov 2010:

    House renovations complete, new baby boy 5 months old so ver the worst, enough pennies in the bank to start rebuild proper.  Stripped her down at home and then had her towed to the engine shop to have the engine out and then onto the body shop.

    Air scoops quickly dealt with, and some rust at the bottom of the doors sorted.  Can't find a 3.0 930 wing yet, but have found a 3.3 wing locally.


    The good, bad and the down right ugly!:

    Godd, new billy boat headers arrived (months before I need them, but I needed some retail therapy!)

    The bad - soooo much filler:

    The ugly:

    But some progress already:


    Dec 2010:

    now that the engine is apart i know it has the following:
    newish JE 3.2 pistons and barrels
    original 3.0 crankshaft (thankfully!) but the journals are undersize and the the dowel hole for the pulley is screwed
    SC cams - the cams aren't in great shape
    boat tailed crankcase
    oil pump not looking too clever
    one exhaust valve guide seized on valve
    a lot of crap in the oil

    Buggered pulley dowel hole:

    Jan 2011:

    Now that the engine is fully stripped down, i know the following is going to be fitted upon reassembly:

    new parts being fitted:
    replacement 3.0 crankshaft
    JE 3.2 pistons & barrels
    piston rings & circlips
    964 cams
    996 turbo oil pump
    reconditioned rockers
    cam carrier oil feed tube
    fan impellor
    new clutch
    timing chains
    idler sprocket
    crankcase gasket kit
    rod bushing set
    main bushing set
    sump plate
    cyl head gasket set
    cam chain sprocket
    crankshaft pulley
    splash valve
    964 intake valves
    930 sodium cooled exhaust valves
    valve guides
    flywheel bolts
    conrod bolts
    intergear shaft thrust bearing
    intergear bearing
    valve adjusting screws
    conrod nuts
    oil press switch
    chain tensioner feed piipes
    oil sump shaft
    oil pressure tansmitter
    suction hose oil tank - oil cooler
    clubsport engine mounts
    piston squirters
    cam squiters
    Motec M600 with 550cc injectors and audi individual coil packs
    K72 HF turbo

    may be fitted if i can find the funds down the back of the sofa:
    turbokraft full bay intercooler so i can fit at original 3.0 whale tail

    yet to begin:
    gearbox strip down & overhaul

    this is turnong out ot be much bigger than first thought, but we are still well within budget and I am going to have a decent engine when finished.

    new oil pump:

    refurbished rockers with new bushes:

    new valves in my rebuilt heads:

    coming together nicely:


    Feb 2011:

    engine is coming along nicely, almost too pretty to put back into a car and make all dirty again!
    the engine is coming along nicely now, should be done in a week or so.

    Mar 2011:

    Have found a 3.0 930 whale tail at last!  It's currently onit's way from the US - now I need to spend a lot on a turbokraft intercooler that will fit under the new lid.

    Other than that the only things left to get are the rubber seals,  930 rocker covers (side skirts) and some front bumper mounts :)

    ody now on it's way to bare metal

    found a strange hole in middle of the roof! presumably from a previous aerial?

    amount of thick crappy paint on the underside of the bonnet is amazing

    a rare glimpse of her original colour?

    a visit to the engine shop always cheers me up though

    more engine shots, coming along nicely

    a few picks of the ongoing body work, the car in primer:
    very pleased i went with the original colour:
    the fuchs are back from being refurbished:
    starting to see some light at the end of this very long tunnel!
    slowly, slowly getting there.


    the front bumper extensions i got are for narrow body, didn't notice i went to fit them!  does anyone have a pair of wide body bumper extensions they could sell me?
    Ignore me - I'm a muppet.  There are no front bumper extensions, it's aprt of the front spoiler!
    sorry, i've terribly slack in updating this!
    it's been over a year and whislt nothing has happenedin the last 2 months due to xmas/new year and now the fats approaching lunar new year there have been some gains.  engine now in, link to video below, lights fitted (wrong rear lights, correct ones on the way) and glass in.  old intercooler fitted so that ic an nove the car around, but of course it won't fit under the 3.0 engine lid.  fabrication of the new intercooler to fit under the lid is the next order of buisiness.

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  • Reply by: pete917
    Date: 15-05-17

    Which coil plugs did you use. I need to get some for mine. Also what harness? Cheers.

    Reply by: Mistergee
    Date: 16-02-15

    Great Stuff, i know what its like to spend sooo much time on them , but the end result is always worth it :)

    Reply by: Brian911s
    Date: 09-01-12

    impresive work on the body, bare metal. Great work with the rear fenders. Nearly a year is gone how is it going.

    Reply by: pete917
    Date: 13-04-11

    It's unbelievable how much junk finds its way onto the body over the years. It's only when a brave soul lik yourself decides to restore it to its former glory that it's all discovered.............. Engine is looking lovely. Great work.

    Reply by: pete917
    Date: 28-03-11

    Thanks mark. Looks like part number VW 036905715A fits a range of VW cars. I'll look into geting those for mine. Thank you.

    Reply by: carreracat
    Date: 25-03-11

    hi pete, these are the coils http://www.qy6.net/trade/208603/auto_ignition_coil_vw_036905715a.html cheers mar k

    Reply by: steve-bmw
    Date: 17-03-11

    Fantastic project. Thanks for sharing

    Reply by: carreracat
    Date: 08-03-11

    i will find out what the part numbers for the audi oil packs pete, but they are from the new generation audis and are very popular with audi tuners as there is no lag between the ignition signal and the actual spark as you do away with HT leads. to be honest i would never have gone that far if the original distributor had been with the car when i bought it. they were a direct fit, but they didn't like the the 930 plugs (i don't know why?) and worked fine with 993 turbo plugs. i've added a pic of one back installed (before this major rebuild of course ) to my original post. i presume you can't add pictures to replies?? as for the suspensions nine, she currently has bilstein shocks all round with 996 brake calipers coupled with 3.2 carrera discs. whilst not brilliant, they are all ok so i will be leaving it for now whilst i research a better set up all round - any suggestions??

    Reply by: nine
    Date: 04-03-11

    fantastic. it's a briliant project. what suspension is she going to have?

    Reply by: pete917
    Date: 03-03-11

    What a fantastic story. Your a very brave man :-) I can't believe how it was previously mistreated. The body was truly terrible. The filler must have weighed a tonne.... Like you say, the interior looks quite respectable. At least you can divert your time and money to the body and engine. The MoTec is a very sensible route. I have a MoTec M48 pro FIS. But I didnt have enough cash to go with the coil pack. What Audi ones did you get? Are they a direct fit...... I definitely need to et that done, so would love to see some more pics of that. The 3.0 lid was a great find. They are as rare as hens teeth. Keep the faith and I look forward to seeing more.....

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