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  • By: pete917 Added: 31-03-10
  • 31.10.2010.  Well, the competition to win a years free subscription to 9Magazine seems to be going very well.  There's now lots more great Porsche content for us all to enjoy.  Today is the last day of the competition so keep uploading for your chance to win.  After I have counted the scores I send a newsletter update to announce the lucky winners.


    18.8.2010. I haven't posted for a while. Channel P101tv seems to be running well. We have had some great pictures and video's posted by our members and membership continues to grow. In the few short weeks we've been live we've got 125 members and the site has attracted 4m hits. Seems there are lots of people watching the site. Let's hope things continue!


    20.5.2010. I've improved the picture carousel functionality today. Now when you click on the main picture in the carousel, the large picture viewer will open on the last picture viewed rather than take you back to the first picture in the album, which I thought was frustrating. every little helps!


    15.5.2010. Just a small modification this week im afraid. I have added some additionial smileys for comments to videos, pictures and blogs. Hopefully they add some fun to your messages.


    6.5.2010. I've added a feature so that if you receive comments on your uploaded videos of pictures, you'll receive a short email letting you know. The email should also contain a URL to take you directly to the picture or video with the comments.


    2.5.2010. I've started to write the help section to the site. This will be an ongoing process and likely to take some time before everything is covered. meantime, please bear with me.



    29.4.2010. The site seems to be running smoothly. Videos are streaming very well and pictures uploading perfectly. I have set a 200mb size limit for each video file uploaded to healp conserve space on the servers. I have also enabled 6 photo albums per member. Each photo album can accomodate upto 60 photo's. I will keep an eye on the impact of these limits. Hopefully they wont impact on member enjoyment of the site, but if you feel they are too restrictive then dont hesitate to contact me.


    12.4.2010. I'm pleased to say that I have fixed the small bug in the Images section. Beneath the picture albums there is now a carousel of all the pictures within the album. This looks much better and sould make the whole picture section look much better.


    3.4.2010. With a few members testing the service most features appear to be running smoothly. There is a glitch with the Blog service and the Image Carousel. Im working on both to fix them, but I think it shouldnt stop the service going ahead. I hope to start getting more member sign-ups soon and test the servce more aggressively with more members.


    31.3.2010.Well, getting P101tv off the ground has taken me quite a while.  I've wanted to do something like this for sometime.  Other general video sites are great, but I wanted to create something just for Porsche.  Hopefully this will turn into a place where Porsche enthusiasts can share their videos, pictures, blogs and their general love of the Porsche marque.

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  • Reply by: hoffman
    Date: 10-10-10

    I love channel p101tv. Thank you for taking the tie to put it together. It must take alot of work.

    Reply by: pete917
    Date: 07-05-10

    I hope so Mark. It has all the right ingredients - videos, pictures, blogs, groups, comments, voting, social network bookmarking etc. Once our fellow Porsche fans find the site, it should grow to a really good community!

    Reply by: MarkJ
    Date: 11-04-10

    Great work Pete, hope this becomes a mecca for Porsche fans seeking good images and vids of Porsches in action.

    Reply by: pete917
    Date: 01-04-10

    Thanks Aldo, I really enjoy doing it.

    Reply by: aldo
    Date: 31-03-10

    Another great site that you have put together Pete. We all appreciate the time you are putting into this and your other Porsche sites.

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