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  • By: porscheshire Added: 23-08-11
  • So this is our first ever PORSCHESHIRE blog on P101.  It is also first ever blog by PORSCHESHIRE  So please go easy on us!  And timing, as they say in the world of comedy,  . . . . . , is everything so it seemed apt to time our first blog, which is losely about the new 911 on the day the new 911 was launched (according to our local OPC anyway).

    First of all (although Ii haven't seen it confirmed yet) I like the number - 991.  Stick to 9s and 1s and you can't go wrong I say.  Second, from the photos I have seen it really does look long.  Reports suggest it is about 10cm longer I think but the images make it look a lot longer than that.  From the side-on angle it looks like a 2 door Panamera??

    Anyway - what most interests me about the launch of the 991 is the impact it will/will not have on 997 values.  Some say, that it will push up the prices of used 997s, as the publicity of the launch and blogs like this, will remind people how great it is to own a 911 and they will rush out and buy the 997 as it is 'good value' and the nearest thing you can get to a 991.  Others say, that as people clamber out of their 997s to buy the 991 it will push the price of 997s down.  I say that both of these are true. Between now and the time 991s are on our UK streets 997 prices may hold, but once it is here I'd like to think they will drop so that I can trade up from my 996 and buy one at a good price!  Others still, say that I should stop worrying and stick with my 996.


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  • Reply by: pete917
    Date: 21-09-11

    how about turning your 996 into a 997. http://www.p101tv.com/view-album/170/porsche-996-face-lift

    Reply by: pete917
    Date: 17-09-11

    Looks like the prediction is comming true. The 991 is out and the 997 price is dropping. I recently saw a lovely 997 for just £21k. Bargain!

    Reply by: 9elf
    Date: 10-09-11

    I recon this will be the right time to get the 997. Im pretty sure the 991 will make the 997 prices tumble a bit. I'll be watching carefully myself. Would love a 997.

    Reply by: nine
    Date: 08-09-11

    I'm not too sure about the 991. I guess it will grow on me. But I like your point about the impact of the 991 on prices for the 997. Personal I think it might have an impact on 997 prices. They will fall a bit as currnt 997 owners scramble to sell theirs to get a 991. But it may only be a lull. Depending on the success of the 991, the 997 prices could rise again. Porsche prices are hard to thathom at the best of times. The 964 which is the first of the technology 911's (abs etc) is worth less that a 3.2 carrera.....

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