August 2014

August is always a great month. Great weather, perfect driving conditions, lots of motorsport events around the world, and most importantly lots of Porsches and their owners out and about exploring the tarmac. Porsche continues to remain a popular car brand in the United States, and Porsche believe that nothing is impossible and you can head off on holiday in a 911. We think that might be a tall order, but hey, it's worth a try. We were pleased to see that Channel P101tv is making a name for itself. On our internet travels we quite often bump into some complementary words about our little Porsche community. If you said something nice about P101tv on the interweb, then a big thank you from us!

This month's "Porsche on the Cover" is 96740's fantastic little Porsche 914. An unsung hero, we think the Porsche 914 is a hidden gem in the Porsche lineup. Make sure you check out his 2.0l 914 from the 70's

The Porsche Artist

Stéphane Dufour takes time out from his busy schedule to share with us his passion for creating automative works of art. Here Stéphane creates a stunning little Porsche 356. A great addtion to your Porsche collection.

A Solid 911

And while we are on the subject of Porsche art, Jez73 has managed to machine a Porsche 996 out of a solit billet of aluminium. The result of his labours is a stunning metallic 911. We think you'll agree he has done an amazing job. Sadly these aren't for sale. We think that's a shame as they would look awesome on anyones mantle piece.

Brighten up your 911 on a Budget

If your Porsche is looking a bit old and tired, there's a few relatively inexpensive things you can do to bring your Porsche back to life and add back some of the original sparkle. In our six part series we show you have to brighten up your Porsche on a budget. In Part One of this series we take a look at the front of your Porsche.

The 1968 911 Restoration Continues

Peter Morgan conitinues his restoration journey. This clip covers the rear suspension and fitting the rear brakes. He also takes a look at the status of the rear mechanical cabling and what's needed to fit the headliner.

JD Power Highest Honours for Porsche

Porsche continues to remain a popular car brand in the United States. For the tenth year in a row American new car buyers have ranked sports car manufacturer Porsche highest in the latest survey J.D. Power 'APEAL' (Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout) Study.

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There are literally more than 100 million listings on Ebay at any one time and as many active Ebay users. Burried among these listings are Porsche related items like cars, accessories, parts, books, DVDs, clothing and much, much more. The 'Porsche Ebay Discoveries' feature on Channel P101tv is designed to help you find that special Porsche something hidden in the Ebay jungle.

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Don't forget you can now get a Channel P101tv window sticker for your Porsche. We've seen a few Porsches wearing the Channel P101tv sticker at a few events this year. We'd just like to say a big Thank you! We think the stickers are a great addition to any Porsche and a great way to show your support for Channel P101tv.

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